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Anonymous asked: What's your view on guys in relationships liking other random girls' instagram pictures? Normal or something to keep an eye on?

It’s normal in my book. Shouldn’t even have to be a trust issue. Now if he is DM’n his junk randomly to these people or leaving suggestive comments and blatantly trying to get with one of these girls then that’s a different story. But that’s what Instagram is for, liking a photo of someone you follow haha. Don’t read into it unless there is good reason.

lydiadeneez asked: Well hello you are handsome lol

Just a regular guy with a dapper haircut haha but thank you!

lavander247 asked: Do you mind me asking where you get cute/sexy underwear, or where your wife buys your cute/sexy underwear? Something like sexy briefs or something like that? I want to get some for my boyfriend but I have no idea where to look.

American eagle and Hollister are my favorite and the most comfortable I’ve found :) plus makes the goods look good haha